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in 6 years its going to be the 20s again so we can bring back swing music and the aesthetics of that era but keep modern values who’s with me

I’m in.

As long as we don’t repeat the Hitler gaining control and shit part cuz I heard that was pretty lame.

but the titantic sank in 1912 and the costa concordia sank in 2012 and history is totally repeating itself

World War 1 began in july 1914…

well shit

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But you can’t hide.

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fina y elegante.

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"Where is Peeta?" I hiss at him. "He was picked up by the Capitol along with Johanna and Enobaria," says Haymitch. And finally he has the decency to drop his gaze.

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how to not see spoilers

  • finish series in nonstop marathon without sleep before returning to tumblr
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Remember what they say, there’s no shortcut to a dream.

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The Fault In Our Stars

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I usually don’t take pictures of strangers and post them online but…

Today at Target this lady was being dragged by her two sons into the toy aisle and since I was looking at Transformers I happened to see them go by. These boys were REALLY excited about something and I wasn’t sure what, so out of curiosity I peeked around the “boy’s aisle” and….

They were grabbing tons of different dolls and accessories and begging their mom for them and what she told them was priceless.

She didn’t say no because they were boys who wanted “girl’s toys”….she said,
“You already have Ariel, don’t you want someone else?”
And one of the boys just kept yelling how Ariel was his favorite.

Their mom was just so frustrated and exhausted like they must beg her for princess toys all the time and they probably have so many back at home and I’m sorry but that’s just adorable ;w;

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 Sam Winchester - tied up. gagged and tortured

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Harry Potter Magical Wand